All piercings are done safely and cleanly
by a specially trained and experienced
Registered Nurse

Daith piercings have been recognized as an alternative treatment for migraines. While there are many causes of migraines and many ways of treating them there does not seem to be one method of treatment which works effectively for even a majority of migraine sufferers. At Piercing Denton, we are nurses not doctors and therefor do not diagnose migraines or specifically advise any particular treatment. We do, however, provide the highest quality and cleanest piercings available and will place the piercing for you if you wish to try it for migraine relief. I truly believe that alternative treatments work, but, I don’t necessarily believe every alternative treatment will work the same for every person. If you wish to skip the drugs used to treat migraines then you may well have to try several alternatives until you find the one that will work for you. Also many times alternative treatments are very subtle and work more slowly and less dramatically than drugs give each trial adequate time and pay close attention to how they affect you. We have included as much information as we could easily find and as we learn more we will add to this page.
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Piercing for Migraines

Both sides $100