Massage Services

Full body massage at THE NEW YOU is non-therapeutic massage for relaxation and stress relief. There are many different kinds of massage and many different kinds of practitioners and there are a lot to select from in the Denton area alone. Most try to be everything to everyone which is pretty hard to do really well.

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Our focus is really more on the mind/body aspects of massage. We help your mind to relax and let go by helping you focus on the sensations in your body as the muscles relax. A little more Asian influence than Western. We take our time, we ask for your feedback. If something feels really good we can stay a little longer and if it is uncomfortable we can move on. We are open to what you want and work to make this your experience.

Our 1 hour is not 50 minutes; an hour massage is an hour. We are a safe business for men and women and always ask before we touch. Draping is optional and at the clients request.

Please let us know how we can help you feel great today.

Denton Specialty Massage

501 S. Carroll Blvd.
2nd Floor
Denton, TX 76201