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Kathy is the owner and esthetician at The New You medical esthetics. She is a graduate of Bellagio School of Cosmetology and Esthetics and is licensed to practice in the State of Texas. In addition to her initial education in esthetics she has taken numerous other classes in skin care, procedures, products, and techniques from Dermalogica the number one cosmeceutical line used by dermatologists and skin care professionals. Her education, experience and warm caring personality make her the perfect choice to be your esthetician.
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John is an RN licensed in Texas and is also Dermalogica trained and experienced. He mostly limits his practice to hair removal the cosmetic procedures of removing skin defects and growths. He also is the primary piercer and massage provider.
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Appointment and Groupon Policies

At The New You medical esthetics we see everyone by appointment. Occasionally same day or right now appointments are available and you are welcome to call us to find out availability or use online scheduling through this website.

As crazy as it may sound, my kids have this wild expectation that I will provide stuff like food, housing, clothes and schooling. In order to do that I rely heavily on my clients and providing services to them. If you have an appointment with us I expect you to show up for it. This is how I earn a living and if you don't show for your appointment we lose the income from treating you as well as the income from someone else who may have wanted that appointment. If you need to cancel your appointment please do so 24 hours in advance. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice, without a really good reason, will be treated as a missed appointment and my require payment in advance for future appointments. If you call us and tell us what is going on we will always try and work with you, but, just not showing up is hard to work around. You don't have to call us from the ambulance or ER, but, please let us know what is going on as soon as possible.

If you are running late please call us and let us know. We understand traffic and kids and what not, but, we don't understand showing up a half an hour late expecting a full treatment. We will work with you as best we can if we know what is going on.

If you are using a Groupon it will be redeemed at the appointment start time. If you are late you will receive all the treatment we can do in the remaining time. If you don't come to that appointment your Groupon will have been used and is not refundable or replaceable. Again, if you call us and let us know what is going on we will work with you as best as we can.